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This database contains only “Life Event” information. This is Adoption, Anniversary, Baptism, Birth, Birthday, Death, Engagement, Graduation, Marriage or Retirement records, and pictures, if names attached.
Total number of entries uploaded to our newspaper database is approaching 200,000.
1869 to 1879Uxbridge JournalAll years indexed
1880 to 1889Uxbridge JournalAll years indexed
1890 to 1899Uxbridge JournalAll years indexed
1900 to 1909Uxbridge JournalAll years indexed
1910 to 1919Uxbridge Journal1910 is indexed
1920 to 1929Uxbridge Times JournalNot yet indexed
1930 to 1939Uxbridge Times Journal1937-1939 are indexed
1940 to 1949Uxbridge Times Journal1941 is indexed
1950 to 1959Uxbridge Times JournalNot yet indexed
1960 to 1969Uxbridge Times JournalNot yet indexed
1970 to 1979Uxbridge Times JournalAll years indexed except 1979
1980 to 1989Uxbridge Times JournalAll years indexed
1990 to 1999Uxbridge Times JournalAll years indexed except 1997
2000 to 2009Uxbridge Times JournalAll years indexed except 2000, 2003, 2004
2010 to 2019Uxbridge Times JournalAll years indexed except 2019
2020 to presentUxbridge Times Journal2020 indexed
2005 to 2009The CosmosAll years indexed
2010 to 2019The CosmosAll years indexed
2020 to presentThe Cosmos2020, 2021 indexed
2014 to 2019The StandardAll years indexed except 2018, 2019
2020 to presentThe Standard2020, 2021 indexed