eBooks & Audiobooks


Our digital collection can be accessed through OverDrive. You can download the app for your device at app.overdrive.com or log in online through Ontario Library Service Download Centre

OverDrive features a collection of over 70,000 eBooks and Audiobooks that can be borrowed for free through your public library. To log in to OverDrive, you will need a library card number and a PIN.

PIN? I don’t have a PIN

If you have forgotten your PIN or never set one up, please visit one of the circulation desks at the library or call us at (905) 852‑9747 to create a new PIN for your library account.

Why would I want to use OverDrive?

With OverDrive, you can read eBooks and listen to Audiobooks for free. It is also convenient; you can borrow and download titles as long as you are connected to the internet. Best of all, there are no late fees. Titles that reach the end of their loan period simply expire and return automatically.

Where can I get help for OverDrive?

If you are having issues with OverDrive or need help setting up the app for your device, you can visit the Help Website or contact the Uxbridge Public Library.