Paying a Fine

To provide payment for overdue fines or other charges on your account, please visit one of the circulation desks at the library. You may make payments using cash or debit.

Late Fee Structure

Material Type Fee Per Day
Per Item
Maximum Fee
Per Item
Best Sellers $1.00 $10.00
Adult Books $0.25 $7.00
Adult Magazines $0.25 $7.00
Adult Audiobooks $0.25 $7.00
Young Adult Books $0.15 $5.00
Children’s Books $0.10 $3.00
Children’s Magazines $0.10 $3.00
Children’s Audiobooks $0.10 $3.00
DVDs, Blu-rays, and TV Series $1.00 $10.00

Loan Periods

Material Type Loan Period Renewals*
Books (except Best Sellers) 21 days 2 times max.
Best Sellers 14 days 2 times max.
Children’s Magazines 21 days 2 times max.
Adult Magazines 21 days 2 times max.
DVDs and Blu-rays 7 days 2 times max.
TV Series 14 days 2 times max.
Non-Fiction DVDs 21 days 2 times max.
Audiobooks 21 days 2 times max.
Kits of all types 21 days 2 times max.

* Materials may be renewed (in person, online, or by telephone) if there is no one waiting for the item (ie., there are no reserves on the title).

Residents may borrow a maximum of 50 items (with a maximum of 10 DVDs/Blu-rays/TV Series) on a library card at any one time.


Patrons with ten or more overdue items will not be allowed to borrow new material until the overdue items are returned.

All library privileges will be suspended once the fines have reached $10.00.

Other Charges

The charge for lost and/or damaged items will be the retail price of the item plus a $5.00 processing fee.