How do I get a library card?

Visit one of the circulation desks at the Uxbridge or Zephyr Public Library and ask a staff member about registering for a new library card. If you are unable to come in to the library to register a child for a library card, please fill out and sign the Registration Form and send it in to the library with your child.

If your library card is missing or stolen, please report the loss to the library immediately. The cost of a replacement card is $2.00.

New wooden cards are also available as replacement cards for $5.00.

See Getting a Library Card for more information.

Why isn’t my library card working?

There are several reasons why a library card might not work:

The card may have been blocked due to fines

When the fines on a library card reach $10.00, all borrowing privileges will be suspended until the fines are reduced or cleared.

There may be an error with the library account

Please visit the library and inform a staff member of the issue. Your card will be tested and if it is found to be faulty, it will be replaced free of charge.

How many items can I borrow at once?

You can borrow a maximum of 50 items at a time on an individual card. Of those 50 items, a maximum of 10 can be DVDs/Blu-rays/TV Series.

For more information about borrowing, see Borrowing a Title.

How do I get a PIN or change my current PIN?

A PIN is required to log in to your library account online and to use some of the library’s eResources. If you do not have a PIN or if you have forgotten your PIN, please visit one of the circulation desks at the library or call us at (905) 852‑9747 to have a new PIN set up.

If you know your current PIN but you would like to change it, please log in to your library account and reset your PIN.

How much are overdue fines?

The total cost of fines will vary depending on how many items are overdue, what type of materials are overdue, and how many days late they are returned. For more information about fines, visit Paying a Fine.

How can I donate to the library?

You can join Friends of the Library, make a financial contribution, or donate books to the library. Please donate books that are in good physical condition. If we don’t add them to our collection, we will sell them and use the funds in support of the library.

How can I volunteer at the library?

We welcome the support of our amazing volunteers at the Uxbridge Public Library! If you are a high school student 14 years old or older looking to fulfill your community involvement hours, please contact us at (905) 852‑9747 or go to Employment/Volunteer to learn more about the student positions offered by the library.

For other individuals or groups who wish to make a contribution to the library, please contact Jennifer Thorson at jennifer.thorson@uxlib.com